Sardinia Farmhouse Incentives

farmhouse for incentives
Sardinia Farmhouse for Incentives
Farmhouse Incentive Sardinia

Ever thought about having a Company Incentive or meeting in a Farmhouse? They are scattered all over Sardinia, and they should be on every planner’s radar, as they offer unique opportunities for Meetings, Incentive Groups and Team Building.

A warm and friendly setting that put the guests at ease and put boredom out of the way.

Olive oil, wine, milk, cheese, meat and plenty of local food at 0 Km, are produced in the same place, which means they represent a clear example of sustainability.

Farmhouses have usually a range of spaces that can be arranged both for meetings and private events with easy access to the outdoor areas.

Usually settled in the countryside, Agritourism make very easy for the guests to experience the surrounding nature, getting in close contact with the variety of activities going on at the Farm, and the animals living there.

The relaxing setting allows the guests to have genuine breaks from the current meeting or workshop.

It’s a complete experience that can be easily combined with team building around the Farm: Horse back riding, Cheese and Bread  making, taking care of the milk process, being farmer for a day, Cooking classes and so on…

Last but not least, the guests enjoys beautiful local food and taste the very authentic culinary tradition of the place.

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